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It's All About the Why...

when you strike out into any new adventure.  I am Joel Arrington and I am the Owner and Lead Designer for Logos Web Solutions.  More that than that, I am a church planter/pastor of Church Without Walls of Delta, Colorado.  

In 2016 we settled into Delta with the mission to love the community and share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Knowing that starting churches have limited finances both my wife and I secured secular work to help provide for our family.  I was able to hire on at a local charter school using my hobbies and experience of computer repair and operations to serve in the IT department.  Word spread to others outside of the school about my web design experience and people began to ask for help with little projects here and there.  It became apparent that I could serve other churches, ministries, and non-profits by offering to partner with them in their vision, which would be mutually beneficial to ours.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Logos Web Solutions.  If you are ready work together or have more questions, go ahead and contact us.  You are welcome to our site anytime.

In His Service

Joel  Arrington

Joel Arrington 
Owner and Lead Designer

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